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Winter Adventures

Come enjoy our Sno-go* Paradise, we have miles and miles of groomed trails including the historic Iditarod Trail.

Hooking up with a good rental sled and experienced guide can turn into an adventure of a lifetime. In just about every corner of Alaska there are sno go’s, they are used for work and for fun. "Fun" is the key word here! Facts are that most folks believe that Alaska is really “Seward’s Icebox” when in fact our region is blessed with a warmer average temperature then a good portion of the lower 48 states (but let's keep that a secret).


Hopping on an Alaska bush plane viewing the sights while being transported will get you excited enough. But that's just the beginning. Getting to the Roadhouse and nestling up to a warm wood stove enjoying some hot chocolate or having wine or hot toddies, while enjoying the camaraderie and delectable cuisine of the Skwentna Roadhouse staff – a small family owned & operated Alaskan lodge – is well within your grasp.


Contact us through our email or call and we will be glad to plan your trip & quote pricing. We look forward to your visit.


We provide transportation to and from the State owned and operated airport!


Skwentna Roadhouse is proud to support ALL our winter Athletes


Notice: to All Iron dog racers in training: Special 2 for 1 for overnighter’s 35.00 per night prior to and during race. Discounted fuel for all Irondog racers


For all other winter adventurers pilots, sno~goer’s, skiers, snoshoers, we will provide nightly rates at $70.00 per individual per night these rates are based on double occupancy if you are a single traveler we will charge an additional 15%


SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR 2013 all Alaskans and their families will be offered 20% offlodging throughout the year.


The Iron Dog The 30th annual start of Iron dog weekend Trail Class starts February 15th and Pro Class Starts February 17th 2013


Worlds longest Ultra Winter Race across frozen Alaska * Self powered * Bike * ski walk* The IDITAROD INVITATIONAL (Ultra Sport) Begins February 24, 2013


NOTICE: Ultra Sport Racer’s Skwentna Roadhouse looks forward to your return & will support the Athletes of this sport with 50% off per person bed rates.


The Iditarod will be fun and exciting this year. Skwentna Roadhouse is offering guided sno machine tours on the Historic Iditarod trail and Ray Redington Jr. will be providing us with 2 ~ 6 dog teams and sleds to take our lucky adventurer’s on actual dog sled rides on the Historic Iditarod trail - please call to confirm your reservations.


Notice: All Dog Mushers, in training (Including junior mushers) will receive a 50% discount on all rooms during training.


The IDITAROD weekend rates: $165.00 per person day/night
Includes lodging and transportation to and from the airstrip and river as needed. Must have 50% payment within 2 weeks of reservation and must be paid in full 2 weeks in advance (Prior to March 2, 2013.)


We are really looking forward to this years Iditarod we are planning a big bonfire on the River to watch the dogs and mushers cross the #2 Checkpoint on this grueling race …


Knik 200 1st weekend in January every year! This year – January5th & January 6th – will see the Knik 200, a 200-mile Dogsled race, from Wasilla to Skwentna & back to Wasilla. This race is run in honor of the late Joe Reddington Sr. Please see the Link at right for further information. We hope you will come and enjoy the adventure ~ Look forward to seeing you there.


Knik 200 Dog Racer’s will receive a 50% discount on all rooms during race.


@#@#@@ POKER RUN @#@#$
This year's poker runs were great fun. Check back soon for the 2013 Poker Run details.


Skwentna’ s 2nd Annual Skwentna Pike Fishing Derby

Begins February 10, 2013 to March 30, 2013 Fun for the whole family $20.00 for adults & $10.00 for Youths (16). Sponsors include: Big Lake Aurora Lions Club and Skwentna Roadhouse. Please see rules »


2013 the 2nd Annual Skwentna Ice Follies

The first Skwentna Ice Follies, Tripod went down graciously on April 29, 2012 at 1:03 PM - Congratulations to Jane Ward – She was our closest guess at 4-29-2012 - 12:32PM Pay out was $1000.00

We will be putting tickets on sale for the 2013 Skwentna Ice Follies Jan 1, 2013 the cost will be 2.50 per guess. We will be betting on when the Ice goes out, date/hour/minute, on the Skwentna River In front of the River Boat Landing.

For those of you familiar with the Nenana Ice Classic we are following suit and bringing the fun to our part of the woods. Date – hour - minute and the closest guess wins the pot less 15% so come Join in the fun … 

We will place the Tripod Iditarod weekend.



Both of these events are being brought to you by the Big Lake Aurora Lions Club and the Skwentna Road House.


Above rates do not include food, fuel, drink, gratuities or spirits!!

*('Sno-go' is slang for sled, snomachine, snowmobile ) 



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