Skwentna Roadhouse Partners

Alaska is all about neighbors helping neighbors. We are proud to recommend the services of some of Alaska's finest and most skilled. Real Alaskans making your trip the best possible experience you can find.


Alaska H2 Adventures

Alaska can provide you with the adventure of your dreams.
If you can dream it ... we can make it happen!


Alaska is still some of the wildest country you will find anywhere in the world. You can see the moose feeding on the marshy lake, go fishing in the backyard with the Alaskan grizzly bear, or watching an eagle glide down and snatch his catch of the day.


That is, if you can pull yourself away from the fish bending your gear non-stop. When it comes to fishing, Alaska is King!


Casey Herman-Hoskins, a born Alaskan, has been guiding the waters of these rivers and lakes for over ten years.

Summer Adventures

Our summer adventures stretch from fishing for the wild Alaska salmon to finding the prehistoric Great Northern Pike. We also fly fish for Rainbows and Dolly Varden and anything else we can get a fly to bite on! If what you're looking for is a great fishing experience, then Alaska is the place for you.


Maybe you want to go and see what if feels like to camp on the shores of the river for a couple nights, making a journey up the vast Yentna river, fishing the hot spots on the way, or make your own base camp. Fish all day and sit around the campfire at night, telling fish stories of the day or sharing what wildlife you saw on the river that day. Come see all that we have to offer.

Winter Adventures

The winter adventure are just as much fun — if not more – than summer, from spearing the Northern Pike, to jigging for a giant Lake Trout.


Come watch the world famous Iditarod dog race or the Iron Dog, the longest and toughest sno-go (snowmobile) race in the world. See these men and women come through headed off to Nome and into some of Alaska's wildest and most remote areas.


Have you ever pulled a 20 pound lake trout out of the ice before? How about catching dozens of Northern Pike? Do you want to?


Riding a sno-go to lakes that are off the beaten path and some that have never been fished before... Your ice fishing and winter adventures are fun and exciting. So why sit around and wait for summer to book a trip when you can come any time of the year.