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New on the Scene for Summer 2012


1st Skwentna Summer Pike Fishing Derby

Starting May 26, 2012 to July 4th 2012.
Skwentna Roadhouse together with Shell Lake Lodge, Big Lake Aurora Lions Club & Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association is sponsoring the 1st Skwentna Summer Pike Fishing Derby.


There will be 4 categories: Most weight collected throughout Derby by one person ~ Largest fish ~ and the red lantern goes to the smallest fish ~ CIAA will award a finders fee for each radio tag turned in from The Shell Lake and Hewitt Whiskey areas.


Skwentna Roadhouse & Shell Lake are the weigh in stations. Good Luck! Awards and winners will be announced at 2nd Annual Pig Roast July 7, 2012 at Skwentna Roadhouse.


Click Here for Rules





June 9, 2012

*** Skwentna Flour Bombing Competion & Split the Pot Poker Run ***

Flour bombing Competion $25.00 per drop – may drop as many times as you like - Whom ever hits closest to target wins the pot please RSVP by June 2, 2012

Poker Run you may start anywhere you like - but must end up at Skwentna Airport for the card drawing and pay $25.00 Entry fee.

Best five cards Spits the Pot at 50% ~ 2nd hand 30%~ 3rd hand 10% & last place the red lantern award 10% ~ You may play as many hands as you like. Each Airport that is listed below represents 1 card Best 5 cards wins.

Palmer, Wasilla, Willow, Wolf Lake, Talkeetna, Bentalit Lodge  & last but not least Skwentna


The more participants the better the pot…

July 4th week: June 29th through July 7th, 2012

2nd “Skwentna Regatta” Riverboat poker run


$25.00 Entry fee. Best five cards Spits the Pot at 50% ~ 2nd hand 30%~ 3rd hand 10% & last place the red lantern award 10%. You may play as many hands as you like.

Pick Up your Voucher at Eagle Quest them stop by the following establishments to get Voucher Stamped 

– Deshka Landing

– Deshka River Lodge

– Luce’s & Yentna Station
Draw cards @ Skwentna Roadhouse





2nd annual Skwentna Roadhouse Pig roast

Sat July 7th, 2012 at 3PM  $20.00 per plate all you can eat.

Please RSVP by June 19th.
We anticipate roasting 2 Piglets this year born and raised & corn fed on the Yentna River …
They will be fresh and Yummy - MMM MMM GOOD!!!!



Winter 2013

We are proud to announce...


Skwentna’s 2nd Annual Skwentna Pike Fishing Derby

Begins February 10, 2013 to March 30, 2013 Fun for the whole family $25.00 for adults & $10.00 for Youths (16) Please see rules »


2013 the 2nd Annual Skwentna Ice Follies

The first Skwentna Ice Follies, Tripod went down graciously on April 29, 2012 at 1:03 PM - Congratulations to Jane Ward – She was our closest guess at 4-29-2012 - 12:32PM Pay out was $1000.00

We will be putting tickets on sale for the 2013 Skwentna Ice Follies Jan 1, 2013 the cost will be 2.50 per guess. We will be betting on when the Ice goes out, date/hour/minute, on the Skwentna River In front of the River Boat Landing.

For those of you familiar with the Nenana Ice Classic we are following suit and bringing the fun to our part of the woods. Date – hour - minute and the closest guess wins the pot less 15% so come Join in the fun … 

We will place the Tripod Iditarod weekend.



Both of these events are being brought to you by the Big Lake Aurora Lions Club and the Skwentna Road House.